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No. DEC10-12
Pr./Doug fir cabinet doors
52"w x 44 3/4"h
Price: $95.00/pr.

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No. MAY12-46
Chicken wire transom....(6) available
41 1/4" long x 14" tall
Price: $125.00 ea.

detail/alt view

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No. Z-PR384
Pr./Cut-glass cabinet doors
Each door: 17 3/*w x 49 3/8"h
Price: $450.00/pr.

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No. JL14-72
Single-light casement window...(10) available
18"w x 60 3/4"h
Price: $50.00 ea.

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No. DEC10-19
Pr./Stained fir cabinet doors...(3) pr. available
40 1/4"w x 74 3/4"h
Price: $125.00/pr.

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No. OCT14-96
Arched window w/texture glass...(2) available
30"w x 77 3/4"h x 1 1/2"d
Price: $150.00 ea.

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No. JL14-42
Pr./Six-light casement windows...(5)pr. available
48"w x 38"h
Price: $95.00/pr.

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No. SEP14-57
Eighteen-light window
43 1/4"w x 41"h
Price: $95.00

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No. JL14-73
Pr./Six-light casement windows
35 3/4"w x 54"h
Price: $90.00/pr.

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No. DEC10-22
Pr./ Large painted two panel cabinet doors...(2) pr. available
44"w x 93"h
Price: $150.00/pr.

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No. JL12-54
Pebble glass window w/wheel cut design
30"w x 31'h
Price: $395.00

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No. OCT14-100
Pr./Three-over-one casement windows...(2)pr. available
Set(1): 42"w x 53 7/8"h
Set(2): 42"w x 54"h
Price: $120.00/pr.

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No. DEC10-15
Pr./Painted(redwood) cabinet doors w/mesh opening
45 1/4"w x 62"h
Price: $95.00/pr.

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No. DEC10-16
Pr./Painted four panel cabinet doors
51 1/2"w x 65 1/4"h
Price: $95.00/pr.

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No. AUG14-47
Pr./Three-light casement windows...(7) pr. available
Set: 42"w x 54"h
Price: $95.00/pr.

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